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IPAD 9.0

IPAD-OS Upgrade

IPAD 9.0 New Features

The IPAD-OS 9.0 version has many enhancements including noticeable improvements in function, compatibility, speed and reliability.

Some of these major advancements give you more power to fight spam and virus email attacks while at the same time making the IPAD services more available for your legitimate users and paying customers with less maintenance time from you.

The following is a short list of the changes between the IPAD 8.0 version and the IPAD 9.0 version. A more complete list including all of the details is included in your IPAD 9.0 documentation.

New 9.0 Features | IPAD 9.0 Bug Fixes


A lot of the work in the IPAD-OS 9.0 release went into enhanced core performance, reliability and stability. But there are some really powerful new features too!

Weblite Server Side Includes

You now have the power to create dynamic web sites without the risk of exposing a general purpose operating system to the public Internet just so your customer can use your web server to show the copyright year on their web pages. The IPAD-OS can now do that and much more for your customers while keeping everything safe from attacks and exploits. And it is still blindly fast serving pages so moving customer web sites to IPAD-OS gives them a nice boost in performance.

Email Greenlisting

Now your users can automatically create temporary exceptions to your SPAM fighting rules. We call this Greenlisting and your users don't even have to know it is happening, although you may notice a sharp decline in the number of requests for whitelisting problem addresses by your users. This feature is designed to allow fast delivery of mail your users are expecting without lowering your defenses.


The IPAD-OS now supports defining some email as bulkmail so you can guarantee it will not get in the way of normal email. Bulkmail is always a background task so it will never hurt server performance or slow down other email. You control what you consider to be bulk. You can tame emails with video attachments! You can tame emails TO or FROM a specific user! You can tame email to a problem domain or ISP! You now have the power to keep low priority mail from stealing performance and bandwidth from your other customers.

DNS Error Reporting

IPAD-OS now automatically monitors the status of all locally hosted domains to make sure the root servers and all secondary DNS servers have correct and current information. This means your DNS hosting can be much more proactive than your competition without any extra monitoring work for you.

DNS Server Performance Upgrades

Several optimizations have been introduced to make DNS hosting (primary and secondary) much faster and less work for the hosting server saving processing time and bandwidth on both ends. This expands your ability to host more DNS zones by hundreds more on modest hardware or thousands more than before using higher end hardware.

List Server Performance Upgrades

The IPAD-OS list server has been optimized with several different performance boosts that expand your ability to host sites with hundreds or thousands more list members than before while not bogging down processing of customer email. List mail generation is now smarter than before with the ability to spread the list mail out to preserve the best disk performance.

SMTP Performance Upgrades

Not only is the IPAD-OS list server faster but the whole mail processing logic is faster and better able to handle the demands of a modern Internet Service Provider Business. If your business is email, this one enhancement alone can make your customers feel like they are your only user. The performance comes from email fanning logic that is extremely well tested and proven on some of the most demanding IPAD-OS email service providers in the world. This logic can quickly deliver a very large volume of normal email without allowing email to slow servers to get in the way.

Multi-Access POP3

IPAD-OS 8.0 introduced multiple access to each POP3 folder so your users could have multiple devices checking mail at the same time. IPAD-OS 9.0 expands that ability so your users can have multiple desktops and mobile devices all behind the same firewall sharing the same POP3 access without conflicts. This logic is completely invisible to the end user so each device appears to have exclusive access. It completely tames misbehaving or misconfigured POP3 clients that connect to the mailbox way too frequently.

IPAD-OS Kernel Performance

The IPAD-OS kernel uses an extensive number of timers to track everything from low level protocols and traffic passing through the firewall to locally hosted services. Timer performance has been improved over 100 times faster than IPAD-OS 8! This means IPAD-OS 9 can handle much more work in a noticeably smoother and more responsive way even on original 1997 hardware!

Automatic Traffic Overload Protection

IPAD-OS 9 intelligently and gracefully detects and deflects attacks in a way that allows your customers to continue working and your services to remain online and responsive even when your IPAD-OS server is under attack. The new protection is so effective and smooth that in most cases you and your customers may not know attacks are happening. This technology is designed to make most denial of service attacks nothing more than something to note in the logs.

And there is more...


IPAD-OS Boot Loader Bug Fixed

A very low level bug in the boot loader was finally located and fixed. In some situations this could cause disk corruption potentially leading to lost user data. It was most likely to be visible in locations with a high volume of user generated content like web and file services. This fix can change compatibilty with older disk utilities that are not long file name (LFN) aware. Please check with us before applying the upgrade if you have any questions.

SMTP Bug Fixed

IPAD-OS 9.0 fixes some conditions where email could be handled by more than one process at the same time leaving a stranded tracking file behind. This stranded file was never much of a problem for users because the normal housekeeping task would clean it up after a while. Alternatively if too many of these stranded files collected on IPAD-OS systems with a very high volume of mail it could potentially have a negative impact on performance. This has been fixed and in the process the mail server is even faster than before.

WebLite Bug Fixed

Fixed a crash in the WebLite server that could cause temporary loss of connectivity. This was discovered and fixed in the process of adding the new SSI feature. It is important to note this bug had absolutely no security risk because all attacker connections were guaranteed closed before anything sensitive could be exposed.

This is a partial list of the additions and changes found in the IPAD-OS 9.0 release compared to the previous 8.0 release. A more complete and comprehensive list is included with your upgrade package.