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IPAD 8.0 box

IPAD-OS Upgrade

IPAD 8.0 New Features

The IPAD-OS 8.0 version has many enhancements including noticeable improvements in function, compatibility, speed and reliability.

Some of these major advancements give you more power to fight spam and virus email attacks while at the same time making the IPAD services more available for your legitimate users and paying customers with less maintenance time from you.

The following is a short list of the changes between the IPAD 7.5 version and the IPAD 8.0 version. A more complete list including all of the details is included in your IPAD 8.0 documentation.

New 8.0 Features | IPAD 8.0 Bug Fixes


A lot of the work in the IPAD-OS 8.0 release went into enhanced core performance, reliability and stability. But there are some really powerful new features too!

This version has two major new features to help your users send and receive mail even when your server is very busy.

SMTP Alternate Port Extension

The flow of unwanted mail heading towards your SMTP mail server can be a real battle. Previous versions of the IPAD-OS allowed you to create an alternate SMTP port that was private just for your own users so they would not need to fight their way through to the same SMTP port the rest of the world is using. Unfortunately that was before there was a world standard alternate SMTP port and before there were email clients (like smart phones) that actively tried to use the alternate port. The IPAD-OS now supports two alternate SMTP ports; one that you can freely set to any port you want and another that is always where the newer email clients are looking. Both of these ports retain the highest level of protection against abuse so only your users get through.

Multi-Access POP3

In all previous IPAD-OS versions the POP3 folder was limited to a single access at a time. This meant that new mail was forced to wait if the user had the mailbox open or that two email clients (like a desktop and a smart phone) could not access the same POP3 mailbox at the same time. This became a real problem when some poorly configured email clients and some smart phones attempted to check for new mail way too frequently to allow any new mail to be added to the mailbox. This IPAD-OS version allows a small number of simultaneous connections to each POP3 mailbox so a single misbehaving email client or smart phone can't block other email clients and new mail delivery. This has the dual benefit of improving email delivery performance and helping to tame mis-configured or misbehaving email clients.

Web Manager Performance

The IPAD-OS web manager has undergone an exhaustive update to improve performance and compatibility. This includes fixing bugs and improving access to online reference information like the help system. Several smaller but very important changes were made to give you more power over your servers. Things like allowing a larger SMTP Session Size let you push a much larger volume of mail than ever before. We think you will be very pleasantly surprised.

And there is more...


A long standing and surprisingly hard to find web manager bug has been fixed. This addresses a number of seemingly unrelated bug reports that ranged from script timeouts to slowness and odd behavior in some web browsers.

The good news this time around is that no kernel or server bugs were reported. This allowed us to focus our development time on improving performance and enhancing features. You will be pleased.

This is a partial list of the additions and changes found in the IPAD-OS 8.0 release compared to the previous 7.5 release. A more complete and comprehensive list is included with your upgrade package.